My First flash

For my first flash I wanted to create a simple animation of a young boys family scaring him in monster costumes.  Unfortunately the final product was unable to portray this.  Since I was completely new to the adobe flash program I ran into many issues.  I first started with a six panel storyboard.

board-1     board-2      board-3

board-4    board5    board6

The next step was to transfer my drawings into digital files to begin the flash.  I spent a lot of time tracing each character as well as giving them color.  Next, I had to start working on the background.  However since I didn’t know how to properly animate it I had to completely get ride of the background.  The next part I had to do was too broke apart the legs, hands, arms, and heads of my characters.  Since I only had a few days to the deadline my only option was to motion tween.  That was my only option because I didn’t know how to effectively use the bones tool and the motion tween distorted my symbols.  Even though I had a lot of trouble using flash, it will not  discourage me to keep using flash in the future.  I’ve enjoyed the experience of using flash and I will enjoy using it for future projects

Here is a rough version of my first flash.

Here are a couple of 3D animations which I really like!

The lighting and the grass texture are a little off though.


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